There are a lot of myths out there about U.S. manufacturing. Maybe they come from misinterpreting the news, politicians making misinformed promises, or just counting the number of “Made in China” stickers we see.

No matter how these misconceptions about U.S. manufacturing have come about, the fact is these myths are truly detrimental to its continued growth.

In order to meet the challenges ahead, it’s critical to change existing perceptions about U.S. manufacturing. In our next post, please read what one industry leader, Jennifer McNeely has to say about this very real threat to the continued growth of U.S. manufacturing and what industry leaders can do in order to get this message out.

You are welcome to copy and share our infographic here. You are even free to cover our logo and give it your own branding! What’s most important is that we dispel existing myths about today’s modern manufacturing.

INFOGRAPHIC: 6 Myths About U.S. Manufacturing - Debunked!

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