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Marketing for Manufacturers provides small manufacturers (who typically can’t afford a full time marketing person) with ongoing custom marketing management solutions aimed at their specific needs and opportunities.

Our Mission is to contribute to the resurgence of manufacturing here in America.

Why our Principal is Dedicated to the Growth of U.S. Manufacturing…

Jim Gribble’s desire to put his expertise to work for manufacturers has its roots in his early years growing up in Canton, Ohio — where his father worked for the local steel mill for 36 years. Read Jim’s story: A Century of Timken Pride that Inspired Marketing for Manufacturers.

Jim Gribble Marketing 4 Manufacturers Principal

For 16 years, Jim Gribble ran profit centers for large consumer product companies. Since then, he has provided expert marketing and strategic planning guidance to well over 50 organizations.

“I get tremendous satisfaction helping manufacturers, especially small businesses with great products, who are in need of effective marketing strategies to pave the way to sales growth.’

“I often see manufacturers who could be doing much more business, yet day-to-day demands keep them from focusing time and resources needed to go after ‘new things’.’

“Please don’t let your opportunity for growth go unrealized. We’re ready to hit the ground running — implementing sound marketing plans efficiently and effectively! ”

Learn about the M4M Marketing Director Program

From 4th Grade Field Trip to Marketing Engineer, Susan Mitchell is Passionate About Marketing for Manufacturers…

Susan Mitchell’s decades of success helping manufacturers and other B-to-B companies to market more effectively is a passion she’s pursued virtually her entire life. Read Susan’s story: Learning ‘How it’s Made’ at Age 10 Inspires ‘Marketing Engineer’

Senior Consultant, Susan Mitchell

Susan Mitchell combines her mechanical engineering and marketing education with decades of experience helping manufacturers successfully market their products and services.

“I often find manufacturers don’t know how to harness a deep understanding of the value they provide to customers, from the customer’s perspective, and how to translate that value proposition into an integrated marketing strategy and implementation plan that will grow their business, domestically and internationally.”

“Many small and medium-sized manufacturers don’t have an experienced marketing person, so they often miss significant opportunities to move into niche markets, new geographies, or vertical industries, or simply grab additional market share from competitors.”

Harnessing Proven Marketing Expertise is Your Path to Success

Put our DECADES of marketing experience to work tackling your challenges and opportunities. We’ll strive to achieve a clear vision and passion for your business and will work to get you to that next level and beyond.

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From our first conversation, you’ll appreciate our desire to become an integral part of your team.

Your sales growth and bottom line results will always be our primary focus.

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