Susan Mitchell Senior Consultant

Today, Marketing 4 Manufacturers is happy to announce the addition of a new Senior Consultant to our team…

Susan Mitchell is a ‘Marketing Engineer’ who combines her mechanical engineering and marketing education with decades of experience to develop and implement successful marketing strategies and tactics. She is passionate about B2B marketing and helping manufacturers successfully market their products and services.

A fourth grade field trip to a snack food manufacturing plant was the beginning of what would become a lifelong journey connected to manufacturing… 

snack food factory

Susan recalled, “The smell was incredible! And they had these huge mixers – like Mom’s on steroids. It was so cool to see all the ingredients mixing together and then to see the finished product come out of the ovens. It gave me a whole new appreciation for packaged goods I saw in the grocery store and I began to wonder how other stuff was made. It all seemed very precise and efficient and I liked that!”

In high school and college Susan worked at an “electron production facility”, more commonly known as a coal-fired power plant. Later as an engineer, she performed energy audits on many types of small and medium-sized manufacturing facilities. While leading marketing for an industrial processing equipment manufacturer, she gained experience with manufacturers across many industries from automotive, medical, and electronics to printing, packaging, and building materials.

Her manufacturing marketing consulting experience includes developing vertical strategic marketing plans, social media and online presence strategy and implementation, developing content and sales enablement tools, and competitive analysis reports.

According to Susan, “Working nearly a decade in business development and leading marketing for a medium-sized manufacturing company gave me the opportunity to learn what works for generating leads, shortening sales cycles, and nurturing buying team prospects toward a sale.”

“I often find manufacturers don’t know how to harness a deep understanding of the value they provide to customers, from the customer’s perspective, and how to translate that value proposition into an integrated marketing strategy and implementation plan that will grow their business, domestically and internationally,” she continued.

“Many small and medium-sized manufacturers don’t have an experienced marketing person, so they often miss significant opportunities to move into niche markets, new geographies, or vertical industries, or simply grab additional market share from competitors.”

“I’m excited to be part of the Marketing 4 Manufacturer’s team and look forward to working with all types of manufacturing companies. If you’d like me to review your marketing efforts and recommend the most strategically sound ways for you to increase your sales and market share, please submit the form below and you’ll hear from me shortly. Or send me an email at”

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