Why is Modern Marketing MIA at Most Manufacturers?When I speak with the owners of small manufacturing firms, it often becomes clear that, even though these entrepreneurs have built successful manufacturing companies, they have done so without a real appreciation for what modern marketing is and how it can make their enterprises even more successful.

Interview with Jim Gribble

“Today’s modern marketing is complex”, says Jim Gribble, “Manufacturers need someone who understands and knows how to leverage every aspect of the Modern Marketing Ecosystem.”

I’m in the process now of finishing up work on a visual model of modern marketing. We’re calling it the Today’s Modern Marketing Ecosystem and it will illustrate the very complex world of today’s plethora of marketing choices and possibilities.

Before we take that deep dive, I’d like to try to address a concern I have about the existing marketing environment at many small manufacturers and what today’s skilled modern marketing person can do for your business.

When I’m asked why many manufacturers have yet to take advantage of today’s often less expensive and yet, more effective modern marketing, I can’t help but think of the following real life examples I’ve run into. Yes, these are all true. I call these my: 

“Marketing is NOT…” Stories

Marketing is NOT…something your nephew in college can do because he “knows all about that online stuff.”

Marketing is NOT…having a designer on staff that can create brochures and update the website.

Marketing is NOT…making yourself feel good by having an ad that everyone thinks is “really nice”.

Marketing is NOT…having a blog on your website that shares only company news and happenings.

Marketing is NOT…adding “Marketing” to the title of your Head of Sales.

Because today’s modern marketing is so complex, you need someone who understands and appreciates each and every aspect. If they don’t have this experience, then you will surely miss many opportunities to take your company to the highest level of success.

What an Experienced Modern Marketing Person Does

An experienced marketer:

  1. Starts with strategic planning. Strategic planning provides focus and direction for the marketing goals and objectives – and all other aspects of the business. This is an essential step in any successful marketing effort and the step that many manufacturing companies miss. The marketing strategic plan is the heart of the marketing operation and is continually referenced, updated, and changed as things progress. Without a clear plan, a business can easily find themselves wasting valuable resources and capital on activities that will not contribute to their ultimate mission.
  2. Determines the unique value proposition of your product and gets the end user to take action. An experienced marketer will find the unique selling positions and value propositions that speak to your prospects and customers “in their world”, meaning what’s important to THEM about your product. They do this while never forgetting the objective of each marketing effort is to get the target audience to take the desired action. The latter may seem like a no-brainer, but I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen company materials, even advertisements, with no call-to-action or contact information!
  3. Ensures your customers feel valued and that they have input into what we make and do for them at every touch point. Every touch point is an opportunity to find out from customers how to make their lives easier. An experienced marketer sets up protocols for everyone in the company to solicit input from prospects and customers when appropriate, and of course to LISTEN. Regardless if it’s someone calling to complain or wanting to buy, careful attention should be paid to what they are saying, who is saying it, how many are saying it, etc.. An experienced marketer will consider all this input when deciding on actions.
  4. Is channel agnostic. These days, the digital experience is how your prospects and customers interact with your products, but it isn’t the only way they do. If you’re going to attract qualified prospects — and sell more to your current customers — it’s important have an awareness and understanding how to properly leverage a multitude of marketing channels.
  5. Dives deep into the persona of the customer. Successful modern marketing campaigns make personal connections with individuals rather than addressing vague demographic groups. A properly constructed persona includes emotional, as well as logical appeals to potential prospects. This is why it’s so critical to have a deep understanding of why customers buy your products and what makes your products valuable in them. Discovering and implementing effective messaging is what fuels the passionate marketer.

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We’re here to help you reach your full potential…

Modern marketing is essential to today’s American Manufacturer. It has evolved from a tactic to maximize sales and profits and has become a driving force in successful companies. Modern marketing turns over stones to get to the heart of the end user and finds your unique value proposition. It is the only way to ensure your company will reach its full potential.

Jim Gribble Marketing Director headshotThis is why I started Marketing 4 Manufacturers. My team and I are dedicated helping small manufacturers with great products to be more successful through effective modern marketing strategies. This is why we don’t charge for an initial consultation and why we keep our fees very affordable.

Please use the form below to get the conversation started. I look forward to to speaking with you soon and learning more about your company.  — Jim Gribble

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