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Providing Small Manufacturers with
Custom Industrial Marketing Solutions

We’re dedicated to small manufacturers and we’re here to help you!

Marketing for Your Growth

Everything Marketing 4 Manufacturers does for you is aimed at…

Here’s How We Tackle Your Marketing Challenges

Marketing 4 Manufacturers Services Include: 

The M4M Marketing Director Program

 For manufacturers who can benefit from experienced marketing management 
(but can’t afford a full-time marketing person).

Learn How to Add an M4M Marketing Director to Your Team!

Project-Based Marketing Services

  • Marketing Strategy & Plans

    Developing a strategic marketing plan is vital for achieving your business objectives and for maximizing your return on marketing investment. Once we have an understanding of your unique positioning and marketplace, we will recommend both short and long term marketing strategies consistent with your overall business objectives.

  • Internet & Social Media Marketing

    Every manufacturer should have an effective Internet presence. Is your marketing message reaching your potential customers? Connecting through their mobile devices is more critical than ever. 

  • Key Target Market Identification

    New sales come from identifying ideal customers for your products and developing marketing campaigns aimed at these target groups.

  • Quality Content Development

    In today’s online environment, it’s an absolute must to publish, publish, publish! Quality content development is really the only way to build organic traffic.

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